Carbon Zapp DCDR

DCDR is a universal controller manufactured by Carbon Zapp, which includes a non-measuring system, a large base of test plans, a coding system.
With DCDR, you can, on your existing stand-alone or classic measuring stand:

  • test and code both solenoid and piezo CR injectors
  • test and encode CRIN 4.2
  • test and code Denso CR John Deere
  • test VDO CRI EU5 according to authorized test plans
  • test CRI EU6 at high pressure 2800 bar with BCR kit (optional)
  •  test and encode EUI / EUP / SMART Delphi, Bosch, Caterpillar, Detroit, HPI / ISX, QSK with Cambox HK-1400 Hartridge.
  •  test HEUI

We offer you  DCDR in two versions:

  1. DCDR-S - version for testing and coding CR injectors. Can be used with a stand-alone stand, for example Bosch EPS205 or other measuring stand using the BCR kit
  2. DCDR-S / BK - version for testing and coding CR injectors, as well as for testing HEUI on a regular bench using the BCR kit. Also, this version allows you to test and encode EUI / EUP / SMART Delphi, Bosch, Caterpillar, Detroit, HPI / ISX, QSK using Cambox HK-1400 Hartridge using a large database of built-in test plans.

Mains Supply 100-240 VAC / 1P / 50-60Hz (+/- 10%)
Rated Current / Fuse 5 A
Rated Power 300 Watt
Storage Temperature -25 oC - +60 oC
Operating Temperature +5 oC - +45 oC
Normal Operating Temperature +10 oC - +40 oC
Dimensions (W x D x H)  / Weight 35 x 48 x 34 cm / 14 kg

Additional options

Optional AZO Software

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  • 3 250.00 EUR

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