CamBox HK1400A is a all-purpose solution for EUI / EUP / SMART (Delphi, Bosch, Caterpillar, Detroit, HPI / ISX, QSK) testing, compatible with most test benches.
We offer CamBox HK1400 in two versions:
►HK1400 with Hartridge controller and test plans without coding;
►HK1400A with controller and DCD-S / BK Carbon Zapp coding system.

The HK1400 Hartridge is an all-purpose EUI / EUP test solution with broad technical capabilities and miltifunctionality. 

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The HK1400 is strong, reliable, accurate, easy to set up, highly repeatable and compatible with most CamBox test stands

It is realized simple and oil-free cam change (20 seconds) using the EZO-Kit (optional).


  • Built-in diagnostics.
  • Automatic shutdown when overheating.
  • Protective shield - injector and drive.
  • Password protection.

Unique Patented Adjustable HD Cam:

  • 11 adjustable positions for each model.
  • Simplified model replacement.
  • No need to buy 11 different cams.

The company Avtomodern Europe offers you CamBox HK1400 in two versions:

1. HK1400 with Hartridge controller and test plans without encoding capability.

This version is the most budgetary one and is suitable for workshops whose tasks include the need for quick EUI / EUP diagnostics, as well as repairs without the need to assign a code.

An overview of the main functions of the HK1400 with the original Hartridge controller:

  • Magmah sharp incessant software license.
  • Create, edit, save test plans.
  • Fully customizable test stages and limits.
  • Automatic test plan creation function.
  • Loading, displaying, editing and storing injector / client information.
  • Clear and understandable test results.
  • Saves, prints and sends reports by email.
  • Extended EUI / EUP testing
  • Fully customizable pulse widths
  • Set up to 10 steps of feed testing
  • Solenoid resistance test
  • Nebulizer Response Time Test

2. HK1400A with Carbon Zapp DCD-S / BK integrated measuring system controller with EUI / EUP testing and coding capability using a large database of built-in test plans.

This version significantly expands the capabilities of the HK1400 and allows:

  • Test and code Delphi EUI / EUP.
  • Test and measure the BIP signal EUI / EUP Bosch.
  • The possibility of testing and coding Delphi Smart and EU6 F2P / F2E will soon be implemented.
  • Test Cummins ISX / Scania HPI and Cummins QSK.
  • Check 6 injectors in less than 1 hour
  • Measure the response time of the atomizer injection for all systems using the RSP sensor (optional)
  • Valve actuator evaluation via RSP / BIP sensor
  • Blue diagnostic limits for the convenience of a specialist.

The cost of this kit includes:

  • Delphi EUI / EUP test adapters (VOLVO, JOHN DEERE, LAND ROVER, DAF)
  • All necessary cables and connectors
  • Delphi E3 / E1 coding software and license

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