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Why are the goods in AUTOMODERN cheaper than by other sellers?
We work directly with manufacturers of spare parts, filters, separators for diesel fuel systems.

Need to buy in bulk at the best price?
AUTOMODERN company is an official distributor of spare parts for repair of diesel fuel equipment. In particular:

In the online shop Aгtomodern you can buy spare parts for repairing the fuel system of the car. The assortment of the online store is impressive:

VDO nozzles, VDO valves, VDO repair kits, VDO heat shields, VDO plunger couples, and also VDO plunger pair repair kits.

Bosch spare parts for diesel fuel system:

Bosch nozzle spacers, Bosch nozzles, Bosch nozzle nozzles, Bosch valves, Bosch heat shields

Spare parts Stanadyne for diesel fuel system:

Sprayers Stanadyne, spacers nozzles Stanadyne, nozzles Stanadyne, h-shaped nozzles Stanadyne, fuel filters Stanadyne.