VDO Authorization - What is DRS VDO?

Authorization of a car repair shop for the repair of VDO injectors
VDO Authorization - What is DRS VDO?

This is a workshop that has been certified and has received the right to warranty repairs for VDO products.

Certification algorithm.

How to get DRS VDO status?

  • Purchase equipment and tools recommended by the brand for warranty repair of products (After consultation with the official representative of the brand)
  • Apply through an official VDO brand representative
  • Get trained
  • Obtain DRS VDO certification

Equipment with which you can authorize a vdo warranty repair service



Carbon Zapp MTBRx

  • testing and coding CR injectors John Deere Denso 
  • testing and coding Delphi EUI/EUP/SMART/EU6 F2P/F2E
  • testing and measuring BIP signal EUI/EUP Bosch 
  • testing and coding EUI Cummins, Detroit, Caterpillar 
  • testing CR  pumps of all manufacturers, including pumps for special CP4 / CAT / CB18 / CB28 / CP2 
  • testing CR injectors EU6 under high pressure up 2800 бар              
  • coding CR injectors VDO IIC,Delphi C2i / C3i, Bosch IMA / ISA и Denso QR
  • Simultaneous testing up to  4  CRi / CRiN solenoid or piezo injectors and up to 2 injectors  CRiN 4.2
  • CR  VDO injectors are only tested  against VDO  approved test plans  
  • testing Bosch CR injectors CRI3-25 and CRI3-27 new generation with  NCC and VCC technology
  • testing of Denso EU5 и EU6  systems (Denso I-Art 6-pin)
  • testing VCVs separately from the pump
  • testing and coding GDI  injectors  (in development) 
  • testing GDI pumps  (in development)