AUTOMODERN entered Europe in 2015

24 April, 2020

AUTOMODERN enters Europe

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Continental confirms Hartridge CRp-PC bench for testing CR pumps PAN005

18 April, 2019

The solution includes special software and manufacturer’s test plans that are easily installed on a CRp-PC stand by simply downloading software

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Visit to the Hartridge Training Center

30 July, 2018

Our specialist went to courses in the very heart of the Hartridge equipment manufacturer - in England (Buckingham)

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Equipment Audit in May 2018

30 May, 2018

Avtomodern company audits equipment for the repair of diesel fuel systems.
A team of specialists comes to your service and tests the stands for repair and diagnostics of the fuel system.
Why is this needed?
Timely equipment audit provides a guarantee for accurate and durable operation, respect and trust of customers.
Audit stands must be carried out once a quarter, or by the number of hours of work.
We remind you that the stand audit is an integral procedure for the correct operation of the device. If you need to conduct an equipment audit, contact Avtomodern Our specialists will come to you and conduct an audit of the stand right in your workshop.

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