Delphi Authorized Diesel Centers

05 December, 2017

Avtomodern company will help your company get DELPHI authorization.

The importance of common rail systems for diesel engines cannot be overestimated. And with an increase in the efficiency and economy of all types of diesel vehicles, the tools for diagnosing and repairing Common Rail systems are also being improved.

By becoming a Delphi diesel engine service center, your workshop will have access to the latest technology and tools to perform “authorized repairs” on Delphi injectors and pumps. This means that having received the equipment and having passed the necessary training, you will be able to generate new codes for injectors after repair, which is the only true way to repair them.

What is the difference between Delphi diesel service centers and other car repair shops?

Delphi authorized diesel services have the necessary equipment to accurately diagnose, test, repair and code injectors and pumps for the advanced Common Rail system and gain access to the following equipment and benefits:

  • Hartridge Authorized Test Benches
  • Diagnostic Tools Delphi DIAMAND
  • Specialized Delphi Tools
  • Specialists` training

In addition, due to tight tolerances in modern advanced Common Rail systems, repairs should be made in exceptional cleanliness. Therefore, the Delphi diesel engine service centers use:

  • Positive air pressure room
  • Clean rooms and clean cameras
  • Assembly flushing tanks​

Delphi Diesel Service Centers gain access to Delphi's exclusive 2-year Common Rail aftermarket repair warranty *.

Get the benefits that Delphi authorized diesel service centers enjoy. For more information, contact Delphi.

* Provided that diagnostics, dismantling and reinstallation, as well as repairs were carried out by an authorized Delphi diesel center.

Contact your Avtomodern representative with questions about the possibility of providing this service. Request a call back and an authorization specialist will contact you.


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