Продажа оборудования в лизинг

Now it’s more easier to purchase equipment in the network of Automodern companies!

Do you still save money for the purchase of equipment for organizing a diesel section in your service? Or do you prefer to save - and buy equipment from dubious suppliers, playing "Russian roulette"?

 Avtomodern company offers you a new service - the sale of equipment on lease.

What is leasing?
Leasing is a long-term lease of equipment, with the possibility of its subsequent redemption at residual value.

That is, you receive the equipment immediately after the first installment, and during the period of the promotion - the whole subsequent year, your monthly rate is 0%. It turns out that the equipment purchased on lease is already starting to pay for itself.

In order to be clear- here is an approximate calculation: You bought a HARTRIDGE AVM2-PC + HK-1400 cambox for leasing for 36 months (monthly rate - 2300 euros). The capacity of the stand is 10 pump nozzles (EUP) per day. On average, in the month of 21 working days. The cost of repairing one pump nozzle is approximately 300 euros. The cost of repairs is 200 euros, your profit is 100 euros. Now we consider: 21 days x 10 pump nozzles = 210 pcs, 210 pcs x 100 euros = 21 000 euros (mechanic's salary is included) Net profit from the stand, net of taxes, utility bills, etc. amounts to approximately 15,000 euros. We remember that the equipment was bought on lease - the monthly leasing rate is 2300 euros. As a result, the stand pays off with its work (15000 € -2300 € = 12700 €) and brings profit to your company.

What equipment can be bought on lease?
Automodern company offers for leasing equipment of BOSCH and HARTRIDGE firms, as

  • Test bench AVM2 PC
  • Hartridge Common Rail Injector Test CRi-PC (Delfi)
  • Hartridge Common Rail Injector Test CRi-PC (Delfi + VDO)
  • Universal stand for diagnostics and testing of injectors Hartridge SABER Master 180
  • Equipment for diagnostics and testing of pump nozzles Hartridge HK1400
  • Automatic diagnostic tool BOSCH EPS 205,
  • Specialized diagnostic stand BOSCH EPS 708

If you are interested in equipment that is not indicated on this list, you can request a call back by filling out the form (indicate the topic “equipment leasing”), or contact the responsible manager by phone +386 31 737 000