In-line pump repairing

In-line pump repairing
Repair of in-line high pressure fuel pumps – is complex process, demanding intervention of experienced specialists and using modern equipment. To do the job the entire set of actions is done that finally allow to improve the technical condition of the car.
How to understand that high pressure fuel pump needs repairing
Some drivers do not pay attention to the first signs of the failure until it has come too late. Remember that promptness is required in this matter, the earlier you start the lower probability is that problem rises with the engine!
Pay attention to the following symptoms:
Difficulties with engine start
irregularities in engine operation
Decreasing of power
High engine noise level
Increasing fuel consumption
Mainly, the reason is ignoring rules of using – timely technical maintenance,  fuel purchased at shady  fueling stations
Dangerous symptom is fuel leakage from the pump. If this is noticed, obligatory call specialists otherwise the car can simply inflame.