Refund and exchange in the product card

The legislation of Ukraine indicates two reasons why a buyer can make a return or exchange of goods purchased by him:

  • If the product does not meet the quality declared by the manufacturer
  • If the product fully meets all the requirements, but for some reason does not suit the buyer

Purchase of low-quality goods.

The Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" in Article 8, states that if the buyer identified significant defects in the product that could arise only due to the manufacturer, he has every right to demand his replacement or refund of his money.

Obvious shortcomings, if you rely on clause 12, article 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Consumer Rights,” can be considered shortcomings, because of which the goods cannot be used for their intended purpose. If such a defect appeared due to the fault of the manufacturer and after repair appears again for reasons independent of the buyer and is still endowed with at least one of these characteristic features:

  1. Its elimination is impossible at all
  2. It takes more than two weeks to fix it.
  3. He somehow changes the goods, which is no longer part of the purchase agreement   

If you need to check the quality of the goods, then an examination can be carried out in a special Service Center, during which the compliance with the conditions specified in the warranty card, the operation of the goods by the consumer will be checked. Based on p. 4 Article. 17 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights", an examination can be organized within three days from the receipt of the written consent of the consumer to conduct such an audit. If the examination shows that the shortcomings that appeared after the transfer of the goods to the consumer were the result of a violation of the conditions for the use of the goods by the consumer, storage or transportation, the consumer will be required to pay for this examination from his own pocket.

If these requirements cannot be met on time, then the buyer may ask to replace the defective product with the same product only from another manufacturer, chosen by him, respectively, with a price review and a refund, if necessary. The product may differ in brand and model.

If a product with defects is replaced with a product of the same manufacturer and model that has changed in price, then the cost is not recalculated. If a product is replaced with a product that meets the quality of another manufacturer or model, then the cost of the defective product is recalculated in case of an increase in its value based on its price during the exchange period, and in the event of a price decrease, on the basis of its value on the day of purchase.

Customer requests for a refund should be satisfied on the day they were presented, and in cases of inability to return the money - within a period of seven days. If during the calculation it turns out that the price of the goods has increased, then the calculation is made at the time of the presented requirements, and in cases of reduction - at the time of purchase.

Buying a quality product

Referring to the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Consumer Rights" and Article 9, the buyer can, within two weeks, change the goods for the following:

if the product does not suit the buyer in color, size or shape.
can not be used for its intended purpose, but under the conditions that the product was not used by the buyer and has a presentation, consumer qualities, factory packaging, seals and documents.

If at the time of exchange the same product is not available, then the buyer can:

  • buy any other product,
  • get back your money spent on the purchase of goods,
  • change the product for the same at the first time it goes on sale.

During the refund procedure, settlements with the buyer are made based on the price of the goods on the day of purchase. You can demand from the seller your money back spent on the purchase of goods and he must return them on the day when these requirements were presented or in cases of inability to return the full amount - within seven days and not a day later.

Consumer requirements will be considered only after the presentation of a sales receipt that confirms the purchase, preservation of the complete set of goods, the presence of packaging from the manufacturer, which should have a bar code and a filled warranty card. In cases when a return of goods of inadequate quality occurs, the consumer is obliged to provide an act (with a round seal), which he must receive at a special Service Center. The act must indicate the “material deficiencies” of the purchased goods.

You can get a replacement product or a refund only if you comply with all conditions.

But there are reasons why you may not change the product or not refund the money. For instance:

more than two weeks have passed since the day of purchase of a product that has no shortcomings
a product that does not have significant shortcomings, but no longer has the appearance of a new product and there are some defects that arose due to the fault of the buyer
during the inspection of the quality of the goods, facts were discovered that indicate an attempt to open, repair or other violations of the warranty service
lack of a document confirming the purchase of goods, warranty card or a complete set of goods

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that according to paragraph 3 of article 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On the protection of consumer rights", the consumer is obliged:

  • before using the product, you need to study the rules for operating the product that go with it
  • in cases where the conditions for the use of the purchased goods are not clear, the consumer should seek advice from the seller, manufacturer or other person specified in the documents performing these functions
  • use the product for its intended purpose and not violate the operating conditions specified in the documents of the manufacturer or seller.
  • in order to avoid the negative consequences of using the goods, the consumer is obliged to adhere to safety measures specified in the documents of the manufacturer or, if they are absent, to adhere to generally accepted safety measures when operating goods of this category