Carbon Zapp GDU.4Rx

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Gasoline direct injection requires high pressure testing to truly diagnose operation faults. Carbon Zapp
once again provides the only complete testing solution in the market today, with the Revolutionary GDU.4r Test bench.


Overview of the GDU.4r-X

Precise, repeatable and rapid Gasoline Injectors Testing

4 Injector(s) Testing&Coding

  • 20 minutes testing and coding* time for 4 injectors
  •  GDi injectors (All Brands and Types)
  • Conventional Gasoline EFi Injectors
  • Capable for all EU6 technologies
  • Coding Capable for all Types of GDi’s (Energy Controlled or Volume Metering types)
  • Flushing and Servicing options for GDi injectors


Number of tested injectors 1 injector
Mains Supply 100-240 VAC / 1P / 50-60Hz (+/- 10%))
Compressed Air 6.5-10.0 bar / 650lt/min
Compressed Air Hose <10m long / Internal Diameter >10mm
Rated Current / Fuse 5 A
Rated Power 300 Watt
Storage Temperature -25 oC - +60oC
Operating Temperature +5 oC - +45oC
Normal Operating Temperature +10 oC - +40oC
Max Pressure (bar) (45): 450 / (85): 850
Tightening Torque for High Pressure Connections 25 - 30 Nm
Clamping Diameter 17-32 mm
Test Oil Type / Capacity Calibration Oil RDXL / 3.5 lt
Test Oil Filter 2 microns
MACC Fluid Capacity 3.5 lt
MACC Fluid Filter 8 microns
Noise Emissions <71.5dB(A)
Dimensions (W x D x H)  / Weight 66 x 77 x 79 cm / 90kg

Additional options

Software Activations


Adapters for GDi Injectors

Calibration Oils & Fluids


Ultrasonic Baths

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