Carbon Zapp GDU.4Rx

Gasoline direct injection requires high pressure testing to truly diagnose operation faults. Carbon Zapp
once again provides the only complete testing solution in the market today, with the Revolutionary GDU.4r Test bench.


Carbon Zapp’s Innovative Standalone Test benches provide still the only complete testing solution in the market today, with a unique database. The Experience, Seniority and Working closely with the OEM’s the last 15 years has given us the advantage to develop test plans and diagnose problems according to the OEM expectations. High Pressure Testing up to 850 Bar (EU6 / EU7 prospect) with only 6.5 Bar Air supply input.

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  • Controls all Types and Makes of Injectors. Includes OEM Database and Test Plans
  • Low Pressure Testing for Conventional MPFi or Racing application Injectors 0-10 Bar
  • Controls NEW Generation High Pressure GDi with multiple Step Current profiles
  • LPG for Heavy Duty Applications (Trucks, Commercial Vehicles)
  • VDO / Siemens GDi injectors (EU5) testing only with approved Energy Control by
  • Nozzle reaction time measurement for all systems via RSP sensor
  • Dual System - Flushing / Cleaning system using detergents and Ultrasonics
  • Efficient Working Area with Protective Hood fully opening
  • The fastest and easiest clamping of injectors in the market
  • Fully Automatic and fast testing phase through a 10” Touchscreen HMI with AZO software
  • GDi Piezo Stack Regeneration function. The only way to correct GDi Piezo injectors after Cleaning them internally andreverse flushing them
  • Reverse flushing adapter and function with 25Bar pressure
  • Blue Limits Diagnosis for Specialists
  • Dynamic Electronic Mass (BK) Measurement
  • Prepared for Future Injector Coding
  • Emergency Safety Stop function
Number of tested injectors 1 injector
Mains Supply 100-240 VAC / 1P / 50-60Hz (+/- 10%))
Compressed Air 6.5-10.0 bar / 650lt/min
Compressed Air Hose <10m long / Internal Diameter >10mm
Rated Current / Fuse 5 A
Rated Power 300 Watt
Storage Temperature -25 oC - +60oC
Operating Temperature +5 oC - +45oC
Normal Operating Temperature +10 oC - +40oC
Max Pressure (bar) (45): 450 / (85): 850
Tightening Torque for High Pressure Connections 25 - 30 Nm
Clamping Diameter 17-32 mm
Test Oil Type / Capacity Calibration Oil RDXL / 3.5 lt
Test Oil Filter 2 microns
MACC Fluid Capacity 3.5 lt
MACC Fluid Filter 8 microns
Noise Emissions <71.5dB(A)
Dimensions (W x D x H)  / Weight 66 x 77 x 79 cm / 90kg

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