Test Bench

 The Innovative Standalone Solution for the Diesel Specialist, capable to test every Automotive, Commercial, Industrial and Marine Injection System available in the market today.


Standalone Diesel & Gasoline Pump Test Bench For Diesel Specialists - 1 CR/GDi Pump, 2800Bar

Our expertise, experience & innovative thinking brought together a New Design, Advanced Hardware & Upgraded Software for our New PTBR-X

​​Diesel System Test Bench The Optimum DieselSpecialists CRDi Solution The Professional’s Service Station for All Types and Makes CRDI systems

Autonomous high-precision test bench designed for testing injectors of all manufacturers, including EU6

Service Station for All Makes Passenger Car, Light and Medium Duty CRDi systems


The Optimum Diesel Specialists HEUI Solution the Professional’s Service Station for All Types and Makes HEUI systems

The New GTB4R-X is a unique Standalone Gasoline Direct Injector Test Bench capable to thoroughly Test, Service and Code every possible GDi in the market today

Gasoline direct injection requires high pressure testing to truly diagnose operation faults. Carbon Zapp
once again provides the only complete testing solution in the market today, with the Revolutionary GDU.4r Test bench.


The Revolutionary Simulator that provides the unique capability to Modernize every Test Bench out in the Market and test all Makes and Types of Fuel Systems