Carbon Zapp GTB.4R | X

Overview of the New GTB.4r-X

Precise, repeatable and rapid Gasoline Injectors Testing

1200 Bar

4 GDI  Injectors

Capable for all

EU6 Technologies

4 Injector(s) Testing&Coding 

• GDi injectors (All Brands and Types)

•Conventional Gasoline EFi Injectors

• Capable for all EU6 technologies

• Coding Capable for all Types of GDi’s (Energy Controlled or Volume Metering types)

• Flushing and Servicing options for GDi injectors

• External Control and Measurement for GDi High Pressure Pumps operating on a Conventional Test Bech

Additional options

Software Activations


Adapters for GDi Injectors

Calibration Oils & Fluids



Ultrasonic Baths

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