Carbon Zapp ITB.1RX

Overview of the New ITB.1R-X

Precise, repeatable and rapid Diesel Injectors Testing

1 Injector Testing&Coding 

• 6-12 minutes testing and coding* time for injectors respectively

• CRi / CRiN injectors (All Brands and Types).

• Capable for all EU6 technologies such as VCC and NCC technology, iART, PCRS5,

• XPI, F2E, F2P, F2R Injectors pumps and more...

• CRIN 4.2 Heavy Commercial-Vehicle injectors

• Large Diesel Engine CRiN injector (QSK, MTU, L ’Orange, etc...)


Working Area:

Ergonomic & easily accessible illuminated working space. Fast mounting for all types of Injectors.

Easily Accessible Filters & Waste Area

Quick access to all inline filters for fast check-up and replacement located within your working area. A mess-free

compartment to work at, continuously draining to the waste tank.

Easily accessible drawer and connection ports.

Functional use of test oil tank enhances maintenance.

Tank extends to fill-up, drain and clean

Additional options

Machine Add-ons

Software Activations


Diesel Injector Harness & Connectors

CRIN Adapters for Common Rail Injectors

Adapters for GDi Injectors

Calibration Oils & Fluids



GDi Optinals

Ultrasonic Baths

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