Carbon Zapp MTBRx

Авторизация VDO
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 The Innovative Standalone Solution for the Diesel Specialist, capable to test every Automotive, Commercial, Industrial and Marine Injection System available in the market today.



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Overview of the New MTBR-X

Precise, repeatable and rapid Diesel & Gasoline Components Testing

 Pump Testing

• 5-15 minutes testing time per pump

• CRp / GDp Pump (All Brands and Types).

• Capable for all EU6 technologies with Sync Operation such as Denso HP5, Bosch CP4-EU6, VDO EU6 technology and more...

• Heavy-Duty CR pump (CPN5S2, CAT, Cummins etc.)

Injectors Testing & Coding

• 6-12 minutes testing and coding* time for 4 injectors

• CRi / CRiN / GDi injectors (All Brands and Types).

• Capable for all EU6 technologies such as VCC and NCC technology, iART, PCRS5,

• XPI, F2E, F2P, F2R Injectors pumps and more...

• CRIN 4.2 Heavy Commercial-Vehicle injectors

• Large Diesel Engine CRiN injector (QSK, MTU, L ’Orange, etc...)

HEUi Testing & Coding

• 6-8 minutes testing and coding* time per injector

• Dynamic and static measurement of the actual overflow

• Dual-Coil HEUi Injector testing capable

EUi/EUp Testing & Coding* (requires HK1400A Cambox)

• 6-10 minutes testing and coding* time per injector

• Capable for all EU6 technologies

• Expandable to Future Systems

CGL - Authorized Continental / VDO “Blind-Lift” Measurement of Piezo-Stack

Input frequency 50-60 Hz
Number of phases 3 P/PE
Speed range 0 – 6,500 rpm 12.5 HP
Powerful Motor with thermal protection -
Maximum operating ambient temperature 50 oC
Base to axis center height 125 mm
High Pressure system Max Pressure 2800 Bar
Supply pump pressure 10 - 800 kPa
Test oil tank 38 L
Waste Oil tank 15 L
Dimensions (W x D x H)  / Weight 750 x 700 x 1610 mm / 465 kg

Additional options


Machine Add-ons

Software Activations


Diesel Injector Harness & Connectors

CRIN Adapters for Common Rail Injectors

Adapters for GDi Injectors

Adapters for HEUI Injectors

Calibration Oils & Fluids


GDi Optinals


Ultrasonic Baths

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