Water Sensor Kit 33651 24 volt Water Sensor Kit 33651  24 volt

Water Sensor Kit 33651 24 volt

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Water sensor traditional 24 volt 33651

Water is the biggest enemy of modern diesel fuel systems. Check the filter regularly for water and drain if necessary. The presence of an electric sensor for determining water in the fuel and a signal light will allow you to determine in time that it is necessary to drain the water from the filter separator.

The fuel water detection sensor can be easily connected from the crankcase to a remote warning light. This optional electrical unit signals the accumulation of water in the filter and that it needs to be drained. Temporarily disconnect the wire of the water sensor from the special drain valve, open the valve until all the water has gone, close it and reconnect the wire to the terminal of the drain valve. Please note that special drain valves for the electric water sensor can be reused for interchangeable elements.

An ideal choice for models where it is difficult to test water and sediment through a transparent pot.

Available for the Fuel Manager FM1, FM10, FM100, FM1000 filter separator series.