Filter assembly 40074 FM1 Filter assembly 40074 FM1

Filter assembly 40074 FM1

Vendor: 40074
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Filters / Separators Fuel Manager®

  • Removes water and solids from fuel by 99.6%
  • Maintains the required operating pressure in the fuel system
  • The fuel system resource increases due to refined fuel
  • Allows  to get rid of accumulated air in the fuel system
  • It indicates the presence of water in the fuel

This cost-effective, compact, robust filter uses the same world-class filter media used in other Fuel Manager filter ranges.
P / N 40074 - without water collection bowl
P / N 41467 - with a bowl for collecting water
P / N 40072 - replaceable element

Features FM1:

  • Small size - can be mounted on a frame, housing or engine
  • Final filter with 5 micron filter media
  • One-piece manifold with molded 8mm fittings with protrusions - lower cost, less installation time
  • Highly efficient particle and water separation - removes up to 95% of water
  • Caring for the environment - Quick, non-spill element change
  • Only 0.68 ”(17.2 mm) of space is needed under the filter to change the element
  • It has more than 2 times more filter material than its closest competitors
  • Air bypass for quick injection
  • As an option - a transparent bowl for collecting water

Applicability for FM1: Small equipment with a diesel power plant (10 to 75 hp), such as, loading machines, mini excavators, forklifts, small generators, equipment for lawns and gardens.

Technical Information of the Filter Assembly 5Mk 3.6 "40074 FM1:

Fuel Used: All Diesel
Engine size: 10 to 75 hp (from 7.3 to 55 kW))
Top speed stream: 25 U.S. gallons / hour (95 l / h)
Maximum nominal pressure: 20 psi (138 kPa)
Temperature range: -40 to 250 ° F (121 ° C).
Item size microns: 5μ, final filter
Item Length: 3.6 inches (91.4 mm)
Collector Material: One-piece, plastic with built-in 8mm fittings for hose
Intake and exhaust ports: 1 inlet and 1 outlet ports that accept a hose with an inner diameter of 8mm or 5/16 ”
Exchange element: P / N 40072
Optional Component: Pot: P / N 29899

5 mk. The element of the final fuel filter / water separator provides the main protection, the final (second) filter.

Installation Scheme: