HB378 Basic kit for Common Rail system HB378 Basic kit for Common Rail system

HB378 Basic kit for Common Rail system


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The Hartridge Common Rail Base Kit HB378 is designed to enhance the capability of the AVM2-PC Test Stand by providing the platform for testing all common rail pumps and systems. This includes Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens. An important part of the kit is the interlocked safety guard, which is designed to become part of the Test Bench and should not need removal every time a different type of common rail pump is tested.


Main Features

  • Uses the digital AVM2-PC Test Bench as the drive, user interface, and measuring device.
  • Interlocked 2000bar safety guard with pressure dump valve.
  • Universal pressure control valve to allow pump flow tests via the AVM2-PC metering unit.
  • Upgraded test oil filtration.


  • Provides the basic safety features and testing hardware to enable testing Common Rail pumps and systems.
  • The HB422 can be used for Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens Common Rail.

Operator Safety

Common Rail systems operate at continuous high pressure, giving a far greater risk of injury than traditional FIE systems. Adequate protective measures must be taken when working on Common Rail systems. The Hartridge™ HB422 satisfies this need and reduces the risk by enclosing all the high pressure components within the guard, and operating the following safety strategies:

Additional Accessories

To test Common Rail injectors and pumps additional kits plus associated adaptor kits are required to provide the electrical controls and mechanical attachments necessary.

  • HK900 All Makes Common Rail Injector Test Control System and Fixturing.
  • HF1130 All Makes Common Rail Pump Test Control System.