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Testmaster 3 HH701


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Testmaster 3 HH701

The Hartridge Testmaster 3 HH701 is pneumatically operated, incorporating an LCD display and sophisticated menu driven software for analysing injector nozzle performance. The Testmaster 3 HH701 is compact in size, easy and flexible in use, and permits test results to be stored and recorded via an external PC/printer.

Main features 

  • Air operated pumping action.
  • Test most types of automotive injector up to 500 bar pressure
  • Illuminated spray chamber
  • Air operated continuous fume extraction of the spray chamber
  • Keypad for data entry 
  • Pressure reading display both digitally and an analogue bar graph on back-lit LCD display. 
  • Pass/Fail indication
  • Flow control valve
  • Date and time indication
  • Testmaster 3 HH701
  • Testmaster 3


  • Digital display enables better accuracy.
  • In accordance with ISO 8984-1 and ISO 8984-2 standards.
  • Reduced operator fatigue.
  • Menu driven software for ease of use.
  • Injector test plan facility (up to 200 memory locations).
  • Automatic pass/fail indication when the test plan facility is used.
  • Easy access to injector test plans.
  • Traceability of injector test results.
  • Offers outstanding value for money.
  • Flow control to detect injector chatter.

Module IFT-c (Common Rail Control Box)
Injector driver profiles:
- Delphi, Denso and Bosch Solenoid
- Continental and Bosch piezo
- Compatible with Testmaster for common rail capability

Technical details 

  • Pump - Air-Operated Pressure Amplifier with Electrical Insulation
  • Pressure range Up to 500 bar. Different units of measurement can be selected (atm, psi, kg / cm2)
  • Resolution - 1 bar Accuracy +/- 1%
  • Timer - The leakage timer is displayed on the LCD
  • Injector Suitability Indicator - Programmable limits are displayed on the LCD.
  • The filter is paper, with a filtration degree of 5 microns and easy access for replacement.
  • Tank - With a capacity of 3 liters with a possibility of discharge.
  • Ventilation of fuel vapors - suction of vapors from the chamber with the help of compressed air, with the output of the vapors out through the pipe. Air consumption 0.05 - 0.14 m3 / min.
  • The internal power supply is 12 volts through a universal power supply.
  • Lighting - Low voltage halogen lamp 12 volts.
  • Keyless injector holder - injector with a diameter of 17.8 to 33 mm, for example dimensions P, R, S T
  • High Pressure Pipes - Two pipes are supplied with different connecting nuts, one M12 x M14, the other M14 x M14.
  • Power supply - Connection to any single-phase network (100-240 volts +/- 10%, 47-63 hertz) through an adapter with a built-in transformer.
  • Connection - PC RS232 port for connection to PC Air supply Clean air under pressure from 3 to 6 bar